Broadcom announces new IP STB Chips

Broadcom has expanded on their Internet Protocol (IP) set-top-box
offerings with a highly integrated, system-on-chip (SoC) solution. The
products target single, multi-format high definition (HD) decoders, and
support China's audio/video standard (AVS).

In-Stat sees a lot of potential in the global market for
telecommunication television subscribers over the next few years, with
expectations of a 3x growth by the end of 2012 to approximately 71.6
million subscribers. It is estimated that 40 percent of the subscribers
will be in the Asia/Pacific region.

High-end media gateways are seeing demand from service providers. This
includes both the main living room, as well as mid-to-low range devices
in secondary rooms throughout the home. New features are being sought,
such as shared/networked digital video recorder (DVR) capabilities,
that allow multiple users to store, time shift or access content from
media servers or residential gateways for playback on STBs anywhere in
the home. This is in addition to a more intuitive interface and
consistent look and feel on the STBs in the home.

The new Broadcom devices build upon the BCM7405 premium IPTV chip. The
new devices in the product family are the BCM7205 and BCM7206, which
provide HD solutions, while the BCM7466 is a SD solution. All of the
chips feature multi-format video support with an
MPEG-4/VC-1/MPEG-2/AVS-compliant HD video decoder. The devices offer
complementary, streamlined feature sets for mid-range and thin client
applications, supporting single or multi-room TV delivery and
distribution. With these chips, STB manufacturers can implement a
common hardware and software architecture to improve time to market and
reduce development costs.

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