Buck/boost regulator provides up to 34 Vout, 98% efficiency

Linear Technology has introduced a new member in its family of buck-boost DC/DC uModule regulators with the 36-VIN /34-VOUT LTM4609. The 15 x 15 x 2.8-mm LGA-packaged devices is said to be suited for POL and intermediate-bus regulation applications in networking, industrial and automotive systems and high-power battery-operated devices.

It operates from 4.5 to 36VIN and regulates an output voltage from 0.8V to 34 V and can deliver an output power up to 120 W. The LTM4609 integrates a synchronous buck-boost DC/DC controller, four N-channel MOSFETs, input and output bypass capacitors and compensation circuitry.

The device offers up to 98.3% efficiency in boost mode and 97.3% efficiency in buck mode and requires only six external components. It is phase-lockable to an external clock frequency ranging from 200 kHz to 400 kHz and includes overvoltage and foldback current protection.

The LTM4609 is offered for operation from -40°C to 85°C with 125°C maximum junction temperature. Pricing for 1,000-piece quantity starts at $22.55.

Linear Technology , 408-432-1900,

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