Buck converter with LDO meets GSM specs

Sunnyvale, Calif.&#8212Advanced Analogic Technologies' AAT2505 combines a fast-responding 600 mA step-down converter with a fast 300-mA low dropout (LDO) linear regulator.

“The power supply supporting a GSM handset baseband chipset must wake up to full load within microseconds,” said Bill Weiss, product line director. “By integrating a fast transient 600-mA step-down converter and a 300-mA LDO, the AAT2505 forms a complete high-performance power supply solution for GSM handset baseband core and I/O. In addition, the AAT2505 consumes 50 percent less PCB area than discrete solutions, and avoids the arduous PCB layout overhead associated with 'mega' power management units.”

The chip's low RDS(ON) integrated power switches contribute to an operating efficiency of 98 percent, thus extending life and handset talk time. With a wide output voltage range of 0.6 volt to VIN, the 600-mA converter also maintains a low no-load quiescent current (27 microamps). Its 1.4 MHz switching frequency helps minimize the size and cost of external components.

The LDO is optimized to support the fast line/load transient requirements of a GSM chipset. It features a power-OK (POK) output to signal when the output voltage is in regulation. The AAT2505 also includes internal soft-start, over-temperature, and current-limit protection.

Click here for the product datasheet.
The AAT2505, in a Pb-free, 12-pin TDFN33 package and specified over the -40 to +85&degC temperature range, sells for $1.14 each in 1k-piece quantities.

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