Buck regulator offers up to 95% efficiency

Milpitas, Calif. — Intersil Corp. has introduced an ultra-small, high-efficiency synchronous buck regulator that saves space and offers improved efficiency for a broad range of portable and handheld applications. The ISL8009A comes in an 8-lead, 2 x 3-mm DFN package and performs DC/DC control and conversion while supporting a continuous load of 1.5 A.

The buck regulator's current mode control architecture delivers very low duty cycle operation at high frequency with a fast transient response and excellent loop stability, Intersil said. It can operate in forced PWM mode or automatic PFM/PWM mode with quiescent current as low as 17 microamps. The device provides up to 95 percent efficiency.

The ISL8009A's highly efficient power conversion under light-load conditions extends battery life in portable and handheld applications. A pair of low on-resistance p-channel and n-channel switching MOSFETs is integrated into the IC resulting in a very small footprint. In addition, the internal compensation requires less external components. These features provide a space-saving solution for digital cameras, media players, portable medical instruments, servers, storage drives, KVM modules, industrial programmable logic controllers and other applications.

A 2-millisecond power-on-reset (POR) and enable (EN) outputs provide internal voltage monitoring and sequencing. The timer output can be reset through the reset system input (RSI) pin. For additional safety, the ISL8009A discharges the output capacitor through a 100-ohm resistor when the application is shutdown.

Other features include internal digital soft-start, over-current protection, and thermal shutdown.

Pricing: Starts at $1.52 each in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: Available now.
Product information: ISL8009A and power management portfolio

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