Buffer amplifier pair covers 4- to 21-GHz frequency range

Houston, Tex.—Mimix Broadband Inc. is offering a pair of buffer amplifiers in standard RoHS compliant 3x3mm QFN plastic packages, making them easy to implement and handle in volume applications.

The XB1007-QT and XB1008-QT buffer amplifiers cover 4 to 11 GHz and 10 to 21 GHz, respectively. Both devices deliver +19 dBm P1dB compression point and +30 dBm OIP3. The XB1007-QT has 23 dB small signal gain, and the XB1008-QT has 18 dB small signal gain. Both are suitable for wireless communications applications such as point-to-point radio, SATCOM and VSAT applications.

Mimix performs 100% RF, DC and output power testing on the XB1007-QT and XB1008-QT.

Availability: Sampling from stock, as well as production quantities.
Datasheet: XB1007-QT and XB1008-QT.

Mimix Broadband Inc., 1-281-988-4600,

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