Build high-end motor controllers effortlessly

Lincoln, Mass. — Performance Motion Devices Inc.'s brushless motor control IC developer's kit is an integrated board and software package that is said to allow designers to build high-performance stand-alone motor controllers, amplifiers or intelligent drives for use in low-cost high performance brushless motor control applications.

PMD's DK73110 is a complete integrated intelligent amplifier. It incorporates a velocity loop, a current loop, commutation, high-performance half-bridge MOSFET switchers, and integrated motor connections. It utilizes a proportional integral (PI) current control algorithm to drive the power stage, and includes high-level system monitoring and control functions to optimize performance. It can also be used to develop a custom amplifier using external high-power switching circuits.

The DK73110 drives a 3-phase brushless motor at up to 10 A, inputs analog or digital command signals, and requires a single voltage high-power input.

The DK73110 comes with a MC73110 motor control IC installed. This intelligent single-axis motor controller provides programmable control for brushless DC motors. The MC73110 IC operates in one of three modes: internal profile, velocity or torque. It also provides six-step and sinusoidal commutation, analog or digital command input, velocity profile generation and six-signal symmetric pulse-width modulation (PWM) waveform generation.

The kit includes a CD-ROM of software and documentation. Also included is PMD's C-Motion Application Programming Interface (API), which can be used to write user applications with standard C and C++ language commands, and PMD's Pro-Motion GUI, an easy-to-use Windows -based program that allows the user to exercise the motor hardware.

The DK73110 is available now for $495.00. Click here for the DK73110 data sheet.

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