C.A.S.T., The First Native Ad Platform Supporting Content-integrated Ad Units, Gives Publishers a Customized, Scalable Ad Marketplace Which Creates a New Channel for Ad Revenue

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TEL AVIV, Israel, Nov. 14, 2012

TEL AVIV, Israel , Nov. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — With publishers seeking new sources of revenue that engage users and satisfy advertisers, many are turning to 'Native Advertising' as a solution.

To date, native advertising programs are difficult to scale, can't be easily integrated and managed by publishers and pose challenges to advertisers.

C.A.S.T. allows publishers to add sellable inventory in the form of scalable native ad units as well as manage them along with their standard ad placements in one unified marketplace.  These native ads provide sites and networks with the ability to create ads that deliver an excellent user experience with strong engagement, while remaining attractive and easy to use for advertisers.

The C.A.S.T. platform also provides publishers the flexibility to integrate and manage their existing advertisements in the same private platform, customized to the needs of their sellers, buyers and analytics teams.

Initial customers are experiencing significant increases in revenue after implementing the C.A.S.T. native ad platform.

The native units created by C.A.S.T. complement a site's content, while the platform allows advertisers to manage their own campaigns, or work with the publisher's sales team, on a private marketplace built for these unique units.

In addition to being a scalable native advertising platform, C.A.S.T gives medium-to-large publishers greater control by:

  • Providing a truly private platform enabling publishers to manage direct advertiser and agency relationships through a completely customizable interface.
  • Supporting CPM / CPC / CPA pricing models using unique predictive algorithms.
  • Utilizing proprietary ad, content, placement and optimization algorithms with a proven conversion record to eliminate the guess work of which ad unit will work best on which content type or media.
  • Enabling publishers to provide their direct advertisers with self-serve advanced bidding tools and real time reporting.
  • Integrating additional ad backfill and external ad providers to fill unsold advertising if and when needed.
  • Providing a customized implementation in which no two C.A.S.T. systems are alike, wherein each is designed for the publisher's specific needs on both the ad units and the backend interface itself.

“We see great demand from premium publishers who don't want to open their inventory to the exchanges and are looking for a truly customized solution, built to match their specific site structure and user behavior,” said Omer Kaplan , CEO & co-founder of the C.A.S.T.. “Our technology enables creating a private marketplace designed for a modern publisher's needs, and we are working with large publishers on customized versions of our technology platform which provides straightforward ad sales management and an integration interface for their web / mobile publishing needs.”

About C.A.S.T.

C.A.S.T. was established to create new revenue channels and better manage the ad placements of premium publishers, enabling them to manage the challenge of RTB platforms and programmatic buying. 

The C.A.S.T. native ad platform was created by the founders of AfterDownload. After serving more than 30 billion ad impressions, they understood publisher pains and built a publisher-centric solution to address the many monetization challenges faced in the ever-changing advertising ecosystem.

C.A.S.T. enables publishers to break the standard in banner advertising and gain control over their ad revenue by offering scalable native advertising solutions, utilizing responsive ad design, and integrating proprietary ad placement and optimization technology – all in a truly private offering facilitating direct management of existing advertising relationships.

Please feel free to visit C.A.S.T in San Francisco , Tel Aviv or on the web @ .

For additional info, please contact: 
Uriah Av-Ron 
PR for C.A.S.T. 
t: (646) 755-6120


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