Cable tuner cuts power consumption, extends bandwidth

Plano, Tex.—Microtune Inc. is sampling a cable modem tuner designed to expand network capacity and reduce power consumption for battery-backed VoIP cable modems.

Supporting the Cable Labs DOCSIS 2.0, EuroDOCSIS 2.0 and PacketCable specifications, the MicroTuner MT2064 expands modem bandwidth to 1-GHz networks, while drawing 800 milliWatts of power.

When integrated into consumer cable equipment, the MicroTuner MT2064 enables VoIP digital phone service to meet primary-line levels of quality and functionality with increased reliability.

“The new MT2064 is based on our field-proven, DOCSIS-certifiable tuner architecture. It not only opens up additional bandwidth to 1-GHz but does so with a twenty per cent reduction in power compared to our previous generation of cable modem tuners,” said James A. Fontaine, Microtune's president and chief executive, in a statement. It offers enabling technology that permits manufacturers to preserve battery life during a power outage, thereby increasing available talk time when it is needed most.”

The MT2064 is a complete broadband tuner with integrated first intermediate frequency (IF) filter, low-noise amplifier and fully integrated automatic gain control. It features low phase noise and high linearity.

The MT2064 tuner is engineered to offer immunity to interference in cable networks with severe differences in signal strength across the input frequency band, ensuring quality signals across the entire system.

The MT2064 is packaged into a miniature 6-millimeter square chip that operates with a 3.3-Volt supply.

Pricing: $3.50 each in quantities of 10,000 units.
Availability: Initial production is planned for early third quarter of 2007.
Datasheet: N/A.

Microtune Inc., 1- 972-673-1600,

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