Cable TV demodulator lowers set-top box design costs

Geneva—STMicroelectronics made key enhancements to its STV0297 cable TV demodulator with the STV0279E, a QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) device that embeds four I²C addresses for PVR applications and TSMF (Transport Stream Multiplexing Frame) capability to support the Japanese market.

The STV0297E performs sampled IF to transport stream (MPEG-2 or MPEG-4) block processing of QAM signals. It is intended for the digital transmission of compressed television, sound, and data services over cable. The STV0297 is designed to reduce demands on other STB circuits, and give near-perfect reception on degraded networks.

It is fully compliant with ITU-T J83 Annexes A/C or DVB-C specification bitstreams. It can handle square (16, 64, 256-QAM) and non-square (32, 128-QAM) constellations.

By improving QEF (Quasi Error Free) performance, echo cancellation capability and phase noise immunity, the STV0279E enables manufacturers to produce lower cost, higher performance STB products. Vendors are able to use a lower cost tuner and other circuits. BOM cost is further reduced by the on-chip 12-bit ADC and the adjacent channels filter, which provides immunity to out of band disturbance.

The A/D converter delivers the required performance to handle up to 256-QAM signals in a direct IF sampling architecture, eliminating the need for external downconversion.

Pricing: $3 in quantities of 10,000
Availability: Now
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