Cadeka Microcircuits : A-D converters process from 20 to 80 Msamples per second

CADEKA introduces two ADC families operating from 20 up to 80MSPS that are the industry’s most power efficient data converters. The CDK2307 (12-bit) and CDK2308 (10-bit) ADCs offer the lowest total power dissipation in the market today. The family currently includes singles and duals that operate at 20, 40, 65, and 80MSPS.

“At 102mW, the dual channel CDK2307D provides 13-bit performance at 80MSPS sampling rate while consuming over 4x lower power than the closest competitor in its class.” explains Olav Lindquist, CADEKA’s Sales and Marketing Director for Europe. “These converters utilize proprietary pipeline architecture to offer the industry’s best power/performance ratio.”

In addition to ultra-low power, the CDK2307D offers excellent noise performance with 72.4dB signal to noise ratio (SNR) and 78.2dB spurious free dynamic range (SFDR) outperforming most competitors. This unique power/performance combination makes these converters well suited for portable ultrasound equipment, portable oscilloscopes, and a wide variety of applications in the medical, instrumentation, and communication markets.

The ultra-low power ADC family consists of:

CDK1307: Single-channel, 12/13-bit, 20/40/65/80MSPS ADCs, with power dissipation from 19-60mW

CDK2307: Dual-channel, 12/13-bit, 20/40/65/80MSPS ADCs, with power dissipation from 30-102mW

CDK1308: Single-channel, 10-bit, 20/40/65/80MSPS ADCs, with power dissipation from 15-46mW

CDK2308: Dual-channel, 10-bit, 20/40/65/80MSPS ADCs, with power dissipation from 24-78mW


The dual channel converters are available today in 64-lead TQFP packages. Evaluation boards are also available. Samples of the single channel versions will be available in February with full production in March. Budgetary 1,000 piece pricing, based upon speed grade:

CDK2307 ranges from $11.30 to $25.60
CDK2308 ranges from $4.80 to $11.60

About Cadeka:

Cadeka Microcircuits LLC is a global supplier of high-performance analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products for customers who require cost effective, leading edge performance. The company’s expertise and passion is to Amplify the Human Experience™ by providing application specific, solution-based semiconductor products that drive the industry’s next generation consumer, communications, industrial, instrumentation, and medical products.

For more information about CADEKA, visit .

Debbie Brandenburg
Director of Marketing & Applications

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