CAN Transceiver IC – 3.3V I/O, excellent EMC performance

AMI Semiconductor has expanded its family of Controller Area Network (CAN) ICs with a high-speed CAN transceiver that combines true 3.3V or 5.0V logic interfaces, excellent EMC performance, and an environmentally friendly package. The AMIS-30663 provides the interface between a CAN controller and the physical bus, and will simplify the design and reduce the component count of 12V and 24V automotive and industrial applications requiring CAN communication at up to 1 Mbaud. Fully compatible with the ISO 11898-2 standard, the AMIS-30663 provides differential signalling capability to the CAN bus via the transmit and receive pins of the CAN controller. The IC provides designers with the option of 3.3V or 5V logic level interfaces, ensuring compatibility with both existing applications and emerging lower voltage designs. Carefully matched output signals eliminate the need for a common-mode choke by minimising electromagnetic emission (EME), while the wide common-mode voltage range of the receiver inputs (35V) ensures high electromagnetic susceptibility (EMS). The AMIS-30663 features a variety of built-in capabilities including a time-out function that prevents bus lines being driven to a permanent dominant state – a situation that can lead to the blocking of all network communication. Built-in protection includes current-limiting circuitry to protect the transmitter output stage from damage caused by accidental short circuit to either positive or negative supply voltage. A thermal protection circuit protects the IC from damage by switching off the transmitter when the junction temperature exceeds 160C. The transceiver withstands all voltage transients associated with the automotive environment. AMI Semiconductor, 9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium.

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