Capacitive sensor measurement made simple

Interfacing to MEMS transducers, such as those that sense acceleration, pressure, altitude, humidity, rain, level and gas, e2v's CPIC2.0 ic has been designed to ease the process of sensor data acquisition. The part is a member of e2v's platform ic family of analog front-ends, which are said to contain all the interface platforms required to interface a given family of transducers, for example, a dual channel high-resolution Wheatstone bridge, or capacitive transducers.

CPIC2.0 can measure transducers with a base capacitance from 1 to 32pF. Claiming low noise and flexibility, it boasts a noise level of 30aF (1aF = 10-18F), and contains a dual capacitor input enabling several configurations, including Csens / 'Csens. Other features include an embedded temperature sensor, an EEPROM for storing calibration parameters, temperature and pressure compensation, plus a microcontroller interface (SPI/TWI). The design can be used for either static or dynamic applications, which require from fewer than 1 up to 166 samples per second.

CPIC2.0 is available as a stand-alone device, or populated on a daughterboard for use with the CAPRI2 ASIC development kit. The kit includes a motherboard with a companion FPGA with which to develop the digital part of a derivative mixed signal ASIC.

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