Capacitor-free LDO has 1 percent accuracy

Dallas – Holding stable with or without an output capacitor, Texas Instruments' TPS74xxx family of 1.5- and 3-amp low-dropout linear regulators (LDOs) feature 1 percent voltage regulation accuracy over line, load, and temperature.

The LDOs, with a dropout as low as 55 mV at 1.5 amps and 115 mV at 3 amps over the entire input voltage range, meet the sequencing requirements for high-current applications in telecom, notebooks and servers that use FPGAs and the company's digital signal processors (DSPs).

The LDOs can work from an input source as low as 0.9 volt (output range is adjustable from 0.8 to 3.3 volts). These chips tout fast transient response and a high power supply rejection ratio (PSRR). Additional features include a track input that allows user-programmed sequencing to minimize the voltage difference among supply rails during startup. The devices' enable input (EN) and power-good (PG) outputs allow sequential sequencing with external regulators.

Click here to access the TPS74201 datasheet. The TPS74xxx family come in a 5-by-5 mm QFN package; the DDPAK package is available for applications requiring additional power dissipation. The TPS74201 and the TPS74301 (1.5 amps) have a suggested retail price of $2.25 each in 1k piece quantities; the TPS74401 (3 amps) is $2.95. Evaluation modules of the TPS74xxx, design application notes and TI's online power management selection tool are available through

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