Cascadable SiGe gain block amplifiers have high linearity to 6 GHz

Chelmsford, MA – Hittite announces the release of three new plastic packaged SiGe MMIC Gain Block Amplifiers which are ideal for wireless infrastructure/handhelds, test equipment, microwave radio and military COTS applications from DC to 6 GHz. The addition of this high linearity SiGe Gain Block product line complements the company's existing InGaP HBT Gain Blocks and Driver Amps while demonstrating Hittite's commitment to provide customers a one-stop source for all RF/microwave IC components.

The HMC476MP86, HMC479MP86, and HMC481MP86 SiGe Gain Block products are based upon a Darlington feedback pair topology which results in a broad gain versus frequency response and reduced sensitivity to process variations. Across the product line small signal gain ranges from 15 to 20 dB at 1 GHz, and 13 to 18 dB at 2 GHz. Output P1dB performance ranges from +13 to +20 dBm at frequencies less than 2.4 GHz and +10 to +15 dBm above 2.4 GHz, with Output third order intercepts are as high as +34dBm. These new gain blocks are cascadable, require no external matching and use a minimal number of DC components. They are ideal for applications as driver amplifiers, IF gain blocks, high IP3 receive chain amplifiers and LO buffer amplifiers to drive Hittite Mixers.

The HMC476MP86, HMC479MP86 and HMC481MP86 SiGe Gain Blocks are form, fit and functional replacements for competitor “Micro-X” packaged gain block amplifier products. Data sheets are available at and list guaranteed min/max limits for key parameters such as gain and P1dB. These standard product MMIC Gain Blocks are available from stock for sampling or sale and may be ordered on-line.

Hittite has recently introduced a new 2003 Autumn Product Selection Guide and Newsletter featuring over 25 new products. S-parameters and released data sheets are available on-line at

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