CD-quality sound for cell phones

San Diego, California — ROHM offers the BU8709KN and BU8899GU, high quality sound source ICs that generate 64-tones simultaneously to bring true acoustics to cellular phone ring tones.

There are many advantages to using the BU8709KN and BU8899GU LSI chips in cellular phone designs. To start with, these ICs use a PCM sound generator to deliver a multi-layered phonic presence by reproducing sounds in 64-tones at a sampling rate of 44.1 kHz for CD quality sound. In addition to an equalizer and reverb functions, ROHM has also included other functions that allow the user to customize the sound and optimize it with specific speakers and set box selections. These ICs also allow dynamic variation of key and tempo, include an ADPCM encoder (1 channel) and decoder (2 channels). The BU8899GU chip is also capable of simultaneous 4-channel parallel playback using Java.

Samples of these products are currently available. Pricing starts at $6.45 (BU8709KN) and $5.50 (BU8899GU) each in quantity of 1000. Delivery is 8-12 weeks ARO.

For more information on these and other ROHM products, visit or call 1-888-775-ROHM (775-7646).

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