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ESPOO, Finland, June 21, 2011

ESPOO, Finland , June 21, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —

– Victorious Mobile Analytics Product
Extended for Easy Back Office Integrations

Finland ' s and the world ' s leading
supplier of mobile Customer Experience Management solutions and
services rolls-out new release of CEM4Mobile with an Open Export
Interface for back office integrations enabling easy exchange of
analytics data with existing Business Support Systems

Earlier this the year the leading mobile analytics solution was
extended to fully support mobile operators' business case through
direct mobile network integration capabilities. With the new Open
Export Interface end-user behaviour, location, handset capability,
segmentation and Voice-of-Customer data can be utilised in
customers' existing Business Intelligence, Web Analytics, CRM and
Advertising Solutions among other Business Support Systems.

While the mobile channel continues its explosive growth the
competition over customers' time, focus and loyalty is getting
fierce. Many companies have found that for being successful they
need to understand their users and offer products and services that
are satisfying, desirable and engaging. The potential of
facilitating the mobile users via mobile content and Value Added
Services (VAS) in their daily life is enormous and still untapped
to its full potential.

CEM4Mobile as a solution

CEM4Mobile ( is an innovative
mobile analytics product with strong focus on Customer Experience
Management. The offering has been particularly designed for
companies providing mobile content and VAS services in all industry
verticals. The solution is being used by tier-1 mobile operators,
media houses, financial services and content aggregation

The solution supports collection of statistical data from mobile
browsing and applications by using taglines, mobile networks via
Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), server-to-server integrations via the
Transaction Interface and customer feedback through the
Voice-of-Customer channel.  The analysis extends to usage
patterns, service ranking, market trends and particularly how
different device, contract, content and user demographic
combinations impact the behavior.

Last year CEM4Mobile outperformed Google Analytics, Adobe's
Omniture and Bango in independent surveys. The studies compared how
well the different analytics products apply to measuring the usage
of the fast growing mobile content and value-added services from a
business development perspective.

CEM analysis and BSS integration

CEM4Mobile enables companies to measure and analyse interactions
between end-users and mobile services, optimise their customer
dialogue and maximise the number of satisfied, loyal and advocate
customers. The measurement focus is on interactions, experience and
engagement which are fundamental in any customer relationship. The
solution incorporates Environmental Analysis, Handset Capability
Analysis, Behavioural Analysis and Voice-of-Customer Analysis with
market leading accuracy of the collected data.

With the new Open Export Interface existing Business Support
Systems can easily request segmentation and cross-analysis based
data and vice versa import external Events and segmentation rules
for the analysis. The available information includes but is not
limited to the following datasets:

Relationship Analysis – identifies user, device and
service relationships to better understand the most popular product
combinations. Any identified relationships can be then used in
cross-selling and up-selling activities.

Impact Assessment – is based on Events and will help a
business understand how actions taken by the business affected
their customer behaviour.

Customer Assets – measures the lifetime value of the
customer base and allows businesses to identify potential segments
and measure several factors such as acquisition efficiency, rate of
churn, number of loyal and advocate customers and understand their

Critical Lag – allows a business to deliver specific
customer communications based on the individuals' behaviour
patterns and preferences which significantly helps in increasing
loyalty, improves customer retention and turns customers into brand

Business Benefits

The benefits for customers are versatile but can be concisely
summarized as follows:

Business development – Integration with subscribers'
demographic, location, content and behavior data enables marketers
to collect and link device, subscriber and service usage
information through a single point of access. This insight can be
used to support the development of price plans, content-handset
bundles, handset subsidies and promotions.

Customer Insight – Identify your most profitable
customers, product combinations and relationships, learn and grow
through cross-selling and up-selling activities.

Managing the diversity – Instead of just reacting to a
constantly changing business environment, managing the customer
base proactively will result in the elimination of bad experiences
on incompatible devices, higher customer retention ratio, lower
customer care costs and it will help drive new revenue streams.

ROI – In order to effectively manage the quality of
mobile services and applications all the way from the source to the
end-user, one must first know the present state of service quality
and prevailing mobile trends in order to set the direction for the
future improvements and for securing optimal ROI from the

Perceived quality – The kind of top-down, measured
network quality provided by traditional Network Management Systems
will only give a partial view of the end user experience as it
fails to take in to consideration network independent factors, such
as the device or content type being used. Also, from the end user's
point of view, perceived quality is not the same as measured
quality. Perceived quality is only obtainable by asking the user

Lower churn – A good CEM solution will enable real time
monitoring of one or more services, regardless of – but considering
– the type of device in use. This enables proactive quality
improvement and elimination of end-user problems before they reach
larger numbers.

CEM4Mobile Solutions Ltd (ex. QAim )
is a Finnish world-class expert in Customer Experience Management
(CEM) for mobile content and value-added services. We provide
mobile network and industry vertical independent CEM4Mobile
solution and services for companies large and small, which develop,
produce or distribute mobile services. CEM4Mobile offering enables
companies to measure and analyse data on the interaction between
end-users and mobile services, optimise their business and ensure
successful customer relations.

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