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Many of you know that Planet Analog is one of numerous Aspencore sites for EEs. You likely also know that EDN publishes analog design articles and has since it’s beginnings in 1956 when the world was entirely analog. As an analog engineer, you probably rely on test equipment and EDN has a long history of covering test and measurement. Indeed, I’ve been doing that since 1992, although the first 20 years were with Test & Measurement World. T&MW’s online content is all part of EDN since 2013. Let me introduce you to some of the analog-related T&M content.

textLet’s start with oscilloscopes. You probably use them nearly every day. Arthur Pini, former engineer at LeCroy has published so many articles on how to get the most from your oscilloscope that we set up his own collection. The current total is 33 and they keep coming. Click on the oscilloscope to visit Arthur’s collection. The collection contains, for example, three articles that cover ten oscilloscope tricks. Other titles include:

  • Analyze noise with time, frequency, and statistics
  • Annotate oscilloscope displays for better documentation
  • Read sensors with an oscilloscope
  • Electromechanical measurements with an oscilloscope

Interested in USB oscilloscopes? We’ve got some hands on reviews and product surveys.

A few more hands-on articles and product reviews


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