Chip integrates LIN transceiver, voltage regulator functionality

Pocatello, Idaho — AMI Semiconductor has introduced low-power, mixed-signal devices that combine Local Interconnect Network (LIN) transceiver and voltage regulator functionality in a single chip for in-vehicle networking applications. The AMIS-40615 and AMIS-40616 devices are designed to help automotive design engineers improve the reliability while reducing the component count, power consumption and cost of LIN-based in-vehicle networking (IVN) applications.

Designed to interface between a LIN protocol controller and the physical bus, the AMIS-40615 and AMIS-40616 are compact devices offering 3.3-V and 5.0-V voltage regulation, respectively. The integrated LIN transceiver delivers transmission rates to 20 kbaud, is fully compliant with LIN v.2.0, and is backwards compatible with previous versions of the LIN specification.

Both the 3.3-V and 5-V regulator functions are capable of supplying an external current up to 30 mA. Enable inputs for standby and sleep modes ensure minimum power consumption when device operation is not required. Wake-up input commands can be via either the LIN bus or a dedicated wake-up pin. An INH output is provided for control of auxiliary functions such as external regulators or the switching of external pull-up resistors.

The AMIS-40615 and AMIS-40616 ICs achieve high performance results on a standard sub-micron CMOS 0.35-micron mixed-signal SmartPower technology, which enables both high-voltage analog circuitry and a dense digital functionality to co-exist in a single chip, said the company. The Smart Power technology also provides protection against load dump (to 45 V), and high ESD protection to ±8 kV. Other standard features include indefinite short circuit protection between supply and ground, a thermal shutdown capability and an integrated slope control function to ensure low electromagnetic emission (EME).

Supplied in 14-pin SOIC packages, the AMIS-40615 and AMIS-40616 are designed to work in harsh automotive environments in accordance with the TS16949 automotive qualification. The rated operating temperature is -40° to 105°C. Target applications include remote keyless entry, electronic steering locks, alarms, window controls, mirror positioning, seat movement and other automotive systems.

Pricing: The AMIS-40615 and AMIS-40616 devices are priced at $0.73 in volumes up to 5,000.
Product information: AMIS-40615 and AMIS-40616

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