Chipset yields high linearity transmitter for GSM/EDGE base stations

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX2021/MAX2023 and MAX2058/MAX2059 chipsets designed specifically for GSM/EDGE base-station transmitter applications.

The chipset consists of a SiGe I/Q modulator (MAX2021/MAX2023) and highly integrated, digital RF variable-gain amplifier (VGA) (MAX2058/MAX2059). The chipset is being touted as delivering the lowest noise and highest levels of linearity of any competing direct-conversion (zero-IF) transmitter product.

The chipset requires only 26-mm x 27-mm of board space, resulting in a 50% space savings over a comparable circuit function. The chipset replaces six functions required in competitive products, yielding a net cost savings of 65%, the company said.

The cost and space-saving features help meet the transceiver price and density levels required in next-generation GSM/EDGE designs.

The MAX2021/MAX2023 and MAX2058/MAX2059 are available in 36-TQFN and 40-TQFN packages, respectively. Prices start at $4.98 for the MAX2021/MAX2023 and $7.96 for the MAX2058/MAX2059.

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