Chronicles of Planet Analog Talented Authors: Bill Schweber

I have always followed and enjoyed Bill Schweber’s witty and informative articles from the time he was at Analog Devices on through his time at EDN and EE Times and now as he writes for me on Planet Analog. When I came on the scene with EDN in early 2012 he was my mentor in the electronics publication world.

Schweber is an electronics engineer who has written three textbooks on electronic communications systems, as well as hundreds of technical articles, opinion columns, and product features. In past roles, he worked as a technical website manager for multiple topic-specific sites for EE Times, and as both the Executive Editor and Analog Editor at EDN.

At Analog Devices Inc. (a leading vendor of analog and mixed-signal ICs), Bill was in marketing communications (public relations); as a result, he has been on both sides of the technical PR function, presenting company products, stories, and messages to the media — and also as the recipient of these.

Prior to the PR role at Analog, Bill was associate editor of its respected technical journal, and also worked in its product marketing and applications engineering groups. Before those roles, Bill was at Instron Corp., doing hands-on analog- and power-circuit design and systems integration for materials-testing machine controls.

He has an MSEE from UMass and a BSEE from Columbia, is a Registered Professional Engineer, and holds an Advanced Class amateur radio license. Bill has also planned, written, and presented online courses on a variety of engineering topics, including MOSFET basics, ADC selection, and driving LEDs.

It is said that Schweber likes British comedies (not many people enjoy British dry humor, but I love it as well). He also would like it if engineers and scientists got as much attention as Hollywood celebrities, but thinks it may never happen. Schweber seems to be a Star Wars fan (like me, too! — we must have been separated at birth), and his dream is to have coffee with Princess Leia or C3PO! And finally, he is inspired by people in arts and sciences with genuine talent or accomplishments.

My goal is to maintain Planet Analog as the ultimate go-to place for designers as Schweber has done since its launch.

8 comments on “Chronicles of Planet Analog Talented Authors: Bill Schweber

  1. Bill_Jaffa
    October 30, 2014

    Steve, I am humbled by your words!–Bill

  2. yalanand
    October 31, 2014

    @Steve, thanks for the post. We all have learnt so much from Bill Schweber's blogs. Thanks for sharing more info on Bill's profile.

  3. yalanand
    October 31, 2014

    Schweber is an electronics engineer who has written three textbooks on electronic communications systems

    @Bill_Jaffa, can you please share the names of the textbooks you have written. Can we buy them online ?

  4. Bill_Jaffa
    October 31, 2014

    Thanks for your question. My first two books are very outdated, my third is somewhat outdated but still has viable information. It is: “Electronic Communication Systems: A Complete Course” (4th Edition). Original publisher was Prentice-Hall, they sold their textbook business to Pearson, I think. Target audience is engineering technology students in two-year programs. I assume they are available direct from publisher or via online channels.

  5. chirshadblog
    October 31, 2014

    @bill: Its good to target the future brains. That is something which happens very rarely because very less identify or look for the future itself. 

  6. PCR
    October 31, 2014

    Steve many thanks for sharing.
    True yalanand we will be continue to learning from the genies in the industry.

  7. geek
    October 31, 2014

    @Bill: How does it feel to be an engineer and work in a technical PR role? Do you think engineers are really cut out or adequately trained to handle PR roles? Normally, it's people with marketing or communication backgrounds who're more capable of filling these roles. Any up sides or downsides of being an engineer in that role?

  8. uchiha
    November 3, 2014

    @tzubair: Well it may be true up to a certain extent but a techie's knowledge cannot be replaced by a sales or marketing guy. So after all to complete the job successfully you do need a technical guy to help you out. So technician's job will always be there for those who have the knowledge.

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