Chumkee, the Social Conversation App, Lets You Talk to the World

From Thai to Greek, Chinese to Arabic, Chumkee Breaks Down Language Barriers with Automatic, Real-Time Translation

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NEW YORK, Feb. 7, 2012

NEW YORK , Feb. 7, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Chumkee, the innovative social conversation app by developer C-Vibes Ltd., announced today a number of new features that will break down the walls of global communication, opening up the world in a very real way to its users. The new features, including real-time translation in over 30 languages, deliver on Chumkee's mission to connect the world, through its entertaining video, text and photo conversation tool.

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The free iPhone app enables the Chumkee community to capture and post their daily experiences, passions and interests.  The visual nature of the app serves as an outlet to showcase creativity that is best featured through photo or video, such as artwork, song or dance, or 30 second talking heads with people simply sharing what's on their minds.  Other users can then respond with their own video, photo or text comments.  With its unique interface, Chumkee has organically grown enthusiastic communities and connected people to others with the same interests.

Now with Chumkee's new translation feature, people from all over the world will be able to have conversations, share experiences and express themselves.  “Language is no longer a barrier,” said Chumkee Co-founder and CEO David Aumonier . “Chumkee offers users the chance to talk to the world, no matter who they are or where they are from.”

Because the translation is done in real-time, there is no need to hit a “translate” button, and users will be able to see the conversation thread in both languages. Users can engage with friends from around the world regardless of language and location, whether they are in Japan and Brazil , or Russia and the U.S.  Chumkee is the first social conversation app to offer this game-changing feature.

Since its launch late last year, Chumkee has been working on the development of its own dictionary, which supplements powerful, existing translation tools. The Chumkee dictionary is constantly being adapted to new language trends and is able to translate slang as well as popular text messaging acronyms.

Other new features Chumkee has added include private one-to-one messaging, faster navigation and the ability to create longer videos.  “Our most recent updates are in response to our passionate user base and their ongoing desire to make new friends globally.  Users wanted longer video to better express themselves and demand was high for connecting privately as well as publicly with followers.  We are committed to making Chumkee the best place for conversations around the world, with more exciting features to come,” announced Aumonier.

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About Chumkee
C-Vibes Ltd is the creator of Chumkee, a free mobile app which brings people together through video and photo conversations.  With its innovative interface and real-time translations of over 30 different languages and users from 100 countries, Chumkee offers a fun new way of socializing that transcends language and location.  Users can express themselves, engage with friends and meet new people through video or photo posts and replies.  For more information, please go to or the App Store.

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