CK : Silent detect switch has wide-angle and radial actuation

C&K Components has developed a versatile silent detect switch with a variety of orientations. Designated the KSJ Series, the single pole, single throw, normally open detect switch features high actuation tolerances along with silent and linear operation during actuation with no tactile effect.

“The features of this detect switch, including straight and vertical orientations, extended actuation periods, and high actuation tolerances, as well as silver and gold plating’s for various environments, provide designers with a high degree of flexibility,” said Eric Grange, Product Manager for C&K Components. “Coupled with the ‘ghost’ silent actuation mechanism and designed for end-of-stroke use, the switch is ideal for applications ranging from automotive to industrial to computer peripherals.”

As an automotive-grade product, typical applications for the KSJ Series switch include retractable dashboard LCD end of stroke detection, defroster positioning in HVAC rotating buttons, and passenger airbag switches. The switch is also suitable for computer infrastructures and industrial electronics, such as rotating and sliding button end of stroke position detection.

The top or side actuated KSJ Series detect switch features long actuation periods of up to 2000 hours under 85°C which ensure higher time at ambient temperature. The spherical actuator ensures ±30 degree operation (actuation force angle offset) and has extended travel with a maximum stroke of 1.2mm. The switch is designed with flux sealing and 100K actuation endurance, and has a feedback of 1N.

Voltage range for the detect switch is 20mV to 32VDC and current ranges from 1mA to 50mA. Contact resistance is less than 100mohm, with a bounce time of less than 1ms. Power ratings are 1VA for the silver plating and 0.2VA for the gold plating. Operating temperature ranges from -40°C to +85°C (silver plating) and -40°C to +125°C (gold plating).


About C&K Components

C&K Components is a division of CoActive Technologies, a privately held company manufacturing electromechanical switches, interface controls, keypads, dome arrays and modules.

Lead Contact:
Allison Turner
C&K Components
15 Riverdale Ave
Newton MA 02458
Tel: 617.969.3700

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