Class-D amp maintains constant output over Li-ion range

The TPA2013D1 Class-D audio power amplifier features an integrated boost converter that enables it to provide constant power up to 1.5 W (into 8 Ω) over the entire Li-ion battery range. This provides a louder audio output than a stand-alone amplifier connected directly to the battery and also maintains a consistent loudness, regardless of battery voltage.

Other specifications include a maximum output power of 2.7 W into 4 Ω, a KSVR of 90 dB at 217 Hz and an efficiency of 85%. Offered as the industry's smallest integrated solution, the TPA2013D1 minimizes the number of external components required and reduces board area by more than 50% compared to typical solutions.

An integrated low-pass filter improves RF rejection and reduces out-of-band noise, increasing the SNR. A built-in PLL synchronizes the boost converter and Class-D switching frequencies, thus eliminating beat frequencies and improving audio quality. All outputs are fully protected against shorts to ground, power supply, and output-to-output shorts.

Other features include independent shutdown for Class-D and boost, and three selectable gain settings of 2, 6, and 10 V/V. The TPA2013D1 operates over -1.8 to 5.5 V and is available in 2.275 x 2.275-mm 16-ball WCSP and 4 x 4-mm 20-Lead QFN packages.

Product literature:
TPA2013D1 datasheet (PDF)
TPA2013D1EVM Evaluation Module
Application Notes for Class-D Speaker Amplifiers

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