Class-D amplifier enhances volume, clarity in portable devices

Dallas, Tex. — Texas Instruments Inc. (TI) has claimed the industry's first stereo Class-D amplifier with dynamic range compression and speaker protection, aimed at boosting audio performance in portable devices. The TPA2016D2 device is a highly advanced, filter-free, stereo Class-D amplifier that provides a 1.7-W per channel output drive capability across an 8-ohm load and is said to improve overall volume versus traditional Class-D products.

Addressing the need for louder volume from the speaker, the TPA2016D2 amplifier incorporates programmable dynamic range compression (DRC) that automatically adjusts the audio to the desired loudness range while protecting the speaker and preventing clipping and distortion.

The DRC enables designers to compress the dynamic range of the audio to match the dynamic range of the speaker in order to reduce disturbingly loud volumes that cause clipping and distortion, TI said. The DRC functionality also protects the speaker from damage at high power levels to avoid field failures. In addition, the DRC capability frees up to 20 percent of MIPS in the digital signal processor (DSP) for other functions.

The DRC can be programmed via digital I2C control and provides designers with the flexibility to specify the design parameters that optimize their system's audio performance. For instance, users can select gains from -28 dB to +30 dB as well as program attack/hold/release times, compression ratios and noise threshold values.

Evaluation modules (EVMs) with software, including a user-friendly graphic user interface (GUI), illustrate the flexibility of DRC. The GUI includes a dynamically changing graphical plot that visually depicts the input-output relationship for fast evaluation to speed time to market for manufacturers of wireless handsets, personal navigation devices, notebook PCs and portable DVD players, TI said.

The TPA2016D2 Class-D amplifier is housed in a 2.2 x 2.2-mm, NanoFree WCSP package.

Pricing: Suggested resale pricing is $1.60 in quantities of 1,000.
Availability: Available now, samples and EVMs are available at
Product information: TPA2016D2

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