Class D audio subsystems enhance 3D stereo sound

Sunnyvale, Calif.—Maxim Integrated Products has introduced the MAX9775 and MAX9776 highly efficient Class D audio subsystems that provide 3D stereo enhancement.

The devices are intended for cell phones or any application that requires high audio quality. With Maxim's 3D stereo enhancement in the MAX9775, it is now possible to emulate stereo sound in situations where the speakers must be positioned close together. Wave interference can be used to cancel
the left channel in the vicinity of the listener's right ear, and vice versa. This 3D enhancement technique yields an “apparent” separation between the speakers that is a factor of four or greater than the actual physical separation.

The MAX9775 integrates five output amplifiers: a mono,
DirectDrive, 80mW receiver amplifier; a stereo, DirectDrive, 80mW
headphone amplifier; and a high-efficiency, Class D, stereo 1.5W
audio power amplifier. The MAX9776 has four output amplifiers: the mono, 80mW receiver amplifier; the stereo, DirectDrive 80mW headphone amplifier; and a mono Class D amplifier.

The MAX9775 and MAX9776 are both designed around several of the company's proprietary technologies, specifically spread-spectrum modulation, Active Emissions Limiting (AEL), Class D filterless amps, and
DirectDrive technology.

Both are available in a standard 32-pin, 5mm x 5mm TQFN package or a 36-bump, 3mm x 3mm (RoHS-compliant) UCSP.

Pricing: The MAX9775 is priced at $1.45, and the MAX9776 is $1.25 (10,000-up, FOB USA).
Availability: Sampling now.
Datasheet: click here.

Maxim Integrated Products, 1-800-998-8800,

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