Class D MOSFET tuned for improved audio performance

El Segundo, CA — International Rectifier, (IR) a global provider of power management technology, introduced the IRF6665 DirectFET MOSFET for medium power Class D audio amplifiers. The device parameters are tuned specifically for improved audio performance such as efficiency, total harmonic distortion (THD) and power density. Applications for Class D amplifiers range from battery-powered portable products to high-end professional amplifiers, musical instruments and car and home multimedia systems.

In addition to application-tuned silicon, IR's DirectFET packaging technology enhances performance in Class D audio amplifier circuits by reducing lead inductance, which improves switching performance and reduces EMI noise. Thermal efficiency enables 100W operation into 8ohms without a heatsink. Eliminating heatsinks shrinks circuit size and bulk, giving designers more layout flexibility and reduces amplifier cost.

Critical MOSFET parameters determining Class D audio performance include device on-resistance, or RDS(on) and gate charge, or Qg. These parameters can determine efficiency in a Class D audio amplifier.

“International Rectifier's expertise in synchronous rectification and power MOSFET switching circuits applies to Class D audio topologies. Combining IR's unique DirectFET packaging with our ability to tune device parameters for specific applications pushes the envelope of Class D audio performance for higher efficiency, improved EMI and higher power density,” said David Tam, Vice President, Consumer and Industrial Sector Business.

IRF6665 Specifications:
DirectFET packaging
BVDSS — 100 V
RDS(on) typ @10V — 51mOhm
ID @ Tc=25C — 19A
QG typ. — 8 nC
QSW typ. — 3.5 nC

The new IRF6665 Class D audio DirectFET MOSFET is available immediately. Pricing is US $0.52 each in 10,000-unit quantities.

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