Clock and data management ICs meet high-speed networking, ATE requirements

Phoenix, Ariz. — ON Semiconductor has expanded its high-performance clock and data management portfolio with the introduction of three new devices — the NB7VQ1006M, the NB4L7210 and the NB4N7132 — for high-speed networking and ATE applications. These devices deliver new high frequency equalization functions and cross point switches.

The NB7VQ1006M is the newest member of ON Semiconductor's GigaComm family. It is a high-performance equalizer that combines signal loss compensation circuitry with an integrated 1:6 common mode logic (CML) output fanout. It is the first of a new cutting-edge 1.8-V family of devices capable of interfacing to the latest 1.8-V FPGAs and ASICs. This device enables equalization across 10 inches of FR4 transmission lines up to 10 gigabits per second (Gbits/s) or 7.6 GHz. The operating temperature range is specified from -40°C to +85°C and across voltages from 1.71 V to 2.625 V to support lower voltage 1.8-V and 2.5-V operations. Output-to-output skew is 10 picoseconds (ps), typical with RMS clock jitter of 0.2 ps, typical.

The NB4L7210 is a clock or data 2×10 cross point switch, which can be used to replace several smaller multiplexers or cross point switches up to 2 GHz. This device offers the flexibility of programming one of the two inputs to be independently routed to each of the 10 differential output pairs. A 10-bit serial data interface (SDI) programs each output multiplex to asynchronously select either input clock, which reduces pin count and allows flexibility of design for system engineers, On Semiconductor said. The inputs accept LVCMOS, LVTTL, LVPECL, CML, or LVDS signals. The integrated phase noise from 12 KHz to 20 MHz is 100 femtoseconds (fs) at 622 MHz, typical.

The NB4N7132 is a high-performance serial link replicator, which enables serial loop replication and serial loopback control commonly required in Fibre Channel, GbE, HDTV and SATA systems for data rates up to 1.5 Gbits/s. Other popular applications include routing between internal and external connectors in host bus adaptors, and hot-pluggable links between redundant switch fabric cards.

Pricing: The NB7VQ1006 is packaged in 24-pin QFN at a budgetary price of $13.00. The NB4L7210 is packaged in a QFN-52 at a budgetary price of $12.60 per unit. The NB4N7132 is packaged in a TSSOP-28 package at a budgetary price of $3.67 per unit.
Product information: NB7VQ1006M, NB4L7210, and NB4N7132

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