Clock buffers operate at low voltages

San Jose, Calif. — Pericom Semiconductor Corp. says it has introduced the industry's lowest operating voltage clock buffers. The PI6CL1080x and PI6C1080x family of clock buffers operates with supply voltages of 1.2 V/1.5 V and 1.8 V/2.5 V, respectively. This new generation of low-voltage clock buffers provides cost effective clock distribution with tight signal integrity requirements for networking, storage, and telecommunications infrastructure applications.

The PI6CL1080x and PI6C1080x family of clock buffers offers very low skew (70 ps), controlled duty cycle, and integrated very low phase noise crystal oscillator options. These clock buffers accept input voltages of up to 3.6 V. Several PI6CL1080x/PI6C1080x products also have an option that enables internal clock generation for frequencies of up to 40 MHz without the need for an external crystal oscillator. Click the link for the PI6CL1080x and PI6C1080x datasheets.

Click here for more information about Pericom's clock and timing devices.

The PI6CL1080x and PI6C1080x clock buffers are available in sample and production quantities. List prices range from $0.80 to $1.00 in quantities of 5,000.

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