Clock chips synchronize slewing simultaneously

Andover, Mass. — TimeLab Corp. unveiled the flagship digital timing devices in its TotalClock family of timing processor units (TPUs), which places multiple synthesizers on a single chip.

Using a proprietary technology designed to replace traditional analog phase-locked loop (PLL)-based chips and crystals, the TPUs integrate multiple independent synthesizers on a single chip — to enable designers to precisely control and dynamically adjust clock frequencies to each subsystem's requirements without interrupting CPU execution.

The TLC2801 for desktops and TLC2811 for notebooks combine a highly integrated TPU with timing control software. The focus of this new technology is a free-running ring oscillator. While an analog PLL controls an oscillator's operating frequency, these TPUs measure the operating frequency of the oscillator and use the measurement to create precise digital waveforms.

Fabricated in a cost-effective, mainstream CMOS process, the TotalClock TPU integrates multiple high-resolution, digital waveform synthesizers on a single chip to produce independently controlled clock outputs. Unlike traditional PLL-based designs, these synthesizers can operate at frequencies in excess of 400 MHz with resolution as fine as 1 kHz, said Carlos Bielicki, TimeLab's president and CEO. Moreover, they can be precisely adjusted to any new frequency in under a μs.

The TotalClock chips permit system designers to synchronize the slewing of multiple clocks across multiple frequencies simultaneously to reduce power consumption and increase overclocking performance. The same precision is applied to spread spectrum implementations which help minimize EMI and eliminate overshoot and undershoot. This new product family is said to exceed PC industry timing standards.

TimeLab's chips are currently sampling. The TLC2801 for desktops will sell for less than $2.50 in 10K quantities, while the TLC2811 for notebooks will sell for less than $3.50 in 10K quantities.

Data sheets can be obtained by emailing: or you can check their website on Monday.

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