Clock multiplier provides any-rate frequency synthesis

Austin, Texas—Silicon Laboratories Inc. has developed a jitter-attenuating clock multiplier IC line that generates any output frequency from any input frequency with 0.3 picosecond jitter performance.

The Si53xx Any-Rate Precision Clocks product family consists of nine devices that leverage the company's DSPLL technology, which is designed to simplify clock multiplication and jitter attenuation circuitry required in high-speed telecommunication applications.

For more on DSPLL technology, click here.

According to Silicon Laboratories, the high-performance Si53xx is the first clock multiplier to generate any output frequency from 2 kHz to 945 MHz and select frequencies to 1.4 GHz from any input frequency between 2 kHz and 710 MHz. The ultra-low jitter generation of the Si53xx rivals traditional analog PLLs built discretely using expensive voltage-controlled crystal oscillators (VCXOs) or voltage-controlled SAW oscillators (VCSOs).

The Si53xx family features an integrated loop filter with selectable bandwidths, allowing designers to change the loop bandwidth without changing components and enabling jitter performance optimization at the application level.

The Si53xx any-rate capability addresses a wide range of high-performance applications including next-generation networking, telecommunications, wireless base stations, test and measurement, HDTV video and high-speed data acquisition.

The Si53xx family consists of four any-rate clock multipliers (Si5322, Si5325, Si5365 and Si5367) and five any-rate clock multipliers/jitter attenuators (Si5316, Si5323, Si5326, Si5366 and Si5368).

Pricing: Ranges from $12.10 to $72.45 in 1K quantities.
Availability: Now.
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