Clocking requirements spur buffer demand

Santa Clara, Calif. — Alliance Semiconductor Corp. expanded its product offering with a new family of high-performance zero delay buffers (ZDB's) and non-zero
delay buffers (NZDB's) in response to precise, high-performance clocking requirements.

The ASM5000 family of phase-locked loop (PLL)-based ZDB's and the ASM2000 family of non-PLL-based NZDB's are designed to address the clocking needs (greater than 250 MHz) of various data communications, networking, telecommunications, industrial and many consumer systems.

Fast edge rates (less than 1 ns), low propagation delays (50 to 500 ps), high accuracy (duty cycle stability and jitter), along with very high frequency support, characterize both families of these precision buffers. The devices are designed to support one or two 50Ω transmission lines.

The NZDB family supports either 2.5 or 3.3 V power supplies. The devices provide support from DC to in excess of 250 MHz, with up to 18 outputs for precise fanout and distribution of the clock signal with very low propagation delays and output skews.

The ZDB family provides support for frequencies from DC to beyond 250 MHz with fan-outs of 12 and 14, and very low propagation delays for precise re-synchronization (zero delay) and accuracy.

Packaged in 32- and 52-pin LQFP and TQFP packages, Alliance offers both commercial and industrial temperature grades.

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Samples are available today with initial pricing set at $3.00 to $3.50 in 1K quantities. Click here for the data sheets.

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