Cloud-Based Post-Call Survey System Saves Call Centers Time and Money Using Speaker Recognition for Agent Identification

Speeds Install by Weeks and Saves Thousands in Installation Costs

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., June 30, 2011

CHARLOTTE, N.C. , June 30, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Post-call survey systems can be slow and expensive to install, especially if they require integration with a call center's call recording system. Now, VirtualLogger is speeding the install process and cutting costs with a new system that eliminates most of the steps required for installation, while still obtaining all of the information a call center needs.

VirtualLogger AgentPrescience PCS™ is a new system that records a call, then delivers the post-call survey to the customer in one integrated package. Because the system controls the call-flow, CTI integration is required. And by using speaker recognition technology, the system automatically identifies which agent is on the call. This new, patent-pending approach streamlines the installation process in three specific ways:

1) Eliminates the need for computer telephony integration (CTI) or other telephone system data integration. Most post-call survey systems use CTI integration to control the routing of the call and for certain types of call information. But CTI integrations are expensive – often adding thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars to a system's cost. And because of the complexity of these systems, CTI integrations can often add weeks to a system's install time. But AgentPrescience PCS controls the call flow without the need for CTI, solving these problems.

2) Automatically maps the survey to the recording of the call and the agent to the recording. Call centers often want to evaluate the post-call survey in the context of the call recording and identify the agent taking the call. But this adds additional integration and expense. With AgentPrescience PCS, all the needed information – including the customer phone number, dialed number and identity of the agent taking the call – comes from what's available on the recording.  

3) Allows “cloud-based” recording. Even simpler than avoiding CTI integration is a post-call survey with no survey equipment or recorder at all. By passing telephone calls through the AgentPrescience PCS system before they even reach the call center, no tap, survey device or on-site recorder is required. AgentPrescience PCS identifies the agent along with the ANI, DNIS and other information normally needed to search for and find both the survey and the recordings.

The installation process for VirtualLogger AgentPrescience PCS could not be simpler. For on-site installations, a device is shipped to the call center and plugged into the phone lines and a LAN connection for Internet access. Each agent dials a special number to record their voice. Once all agent voices are registered, the installation is complete and the system is ready. When deployed as a cloud-based service, the call center simply routes a sample of calls through the VirtualLogger system and the calls are then delivered to the call center as normal.

Using the VirtualLogger Software as a Service model, survey results and recordings are easily accessed from anywhere using the secure VirtualLogger web interface. And because all of the other information needed to identify a call (caller ID, number dialed, etc.) is easily available from the public telephone line, everything a call center needs for quality monitoring, regulatory compliance and other uses is available with AgentPrescience.

To find out more about VirtualLogger, call 866-864-5376 or send an email to .  

About VirtualLogger  

VirtualLogger LLC is the first and leading provider of contact center recording and quality monitoring on a hosted or ASP basis. VirtualLogger provides 100%, random and on-demand recording, screen capture, quality monitoring, analytics and related technologies – all on a “pay as you go” basis. The VirtualLogger hosted model eliminates capital expenditures, greatly reduces technological and financial risk, increases return on investment and lowers total cost of ownership for contact center technology. With more than 300 million calls recorded over 15 years and two years on the INC 500 list, VirtualLogger has a proven track record of success.


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VirtualLogger LLC

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