CML’s two-way radio processor enables design of multi-standard radios

Maldon, UK — b>CML CMX703 1 two-way radio processor IC. The ‘one for all’ radio chip provides a comprehensive feature-set as standard, along with a roadmap of function enhancements available through CML’s FirmASIC™ component technology. The CMX7031 meets current and future market requirements of modern analogue radios. The key to the design is its flexibility, as it enables multi-standard radios to be conceived in a single design. Professional and leisure two-way radios are target applications The specific functions of the CMX7031 are determined by uploading its Function Image™ during device initialisation. A Function Image™ may be later provided to supplement and enhance device functions, expanding or modifying end-product features without the need for expensive and time-consuming design changes. The benefit is a significant reduction in time-to-market along with commercial advantages over Custom ASIC, Structured ASIC, FPGA and DSP solutions. CML Microcircuits Ltd , Maldon, UK.

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