CMOS-based PA samples for GSM/EDGE handsets

Los Gatos, Calif.—Amalfi Semiconductor announced what it claims is the industry's first CMOS-based power amplifier (PA) for GSM/EDGE cellular handset phones.

The AM8901 is part of the company's new Stratos CMOS PA product family for cellular phone applications. In addition to the Stratos AM8901, Amalfi also announced the Stratos AM8801, a CMOS-based power amplifier for GSM/GPRS cellular mobile handsets. The product family is based on an innovative CMOS silicon architecture called AdaptiveRF that reduces the battery's electrical current requirements in cellular phones.

According to Amalfi, the AM8901 will enable manufacturers to deliver phones with greater than 20 percent improvement in usage time, thinner designs and additional functionality, such as mobile TV, MP3 player and video camera. Amalfi's CMOS PAs are also designed to improve manufacturability and lower overall system cost of cellular phones.

Pricing: In 1,000-unit quantities, the AM8801 is $2.18 and the AM8901 is $2.47.
Availability: Sampling to Amalfi Semiconductor's development partners. The AM8801 will be available in volume production in the second half of 2008 and the AM8901will begin production release in the first quarter of 2009.
More information: AM8801 and AM8901.

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