CMOS dual op-amp challenges bipolars for high precision, low noise

Milpitas, Calif.&#8212Linear Technology's dual-section LTC6244, the company's newest addition to its family of CMOS op amps, touts a gain-bandwidth of 50 MHz and input characteristics that challenge precision bipolar amplifiers.

“This breakthrough performance, previously unattainable from a CMOS amplifier, delivers maximum signal resolution in a variety of applications such as large- or small-area photodiode, transimpedance and charge-coupled amplifiers, precision integrators and filters,” says Dan Tran, design manager. The LTC6244 has applications in instrumentation, medical, industrial and communications systems.

Features of this rail-to-rail amp include a low offset voltage&#8212just 300 microvolts (maximum) over the full industrial temperature range, and that performance reportedly rivals the +25&degC spec for other amplifiers in its class. The LTC6244 boasts low noise&#8212 8nV/&#8730Hz, and input capacitance is just 2.1 pF.

In addition to its low voltage-gain error, the LTC6244 boasts high DC precision. It features 1 pA bias current and an input offset voltage of less than 100 microvolts at +25&degC. Offset-voltage drift is guaranteed under 2.5 microvolts/&degC, while its high voltage gain (120 dB) keeps system errors to a minimum. Slew rate is 40 V/microsecond. Supply current is 7.4 mA (maximum) per amplifier.

Click here for the product datasheet. The LTC6244, working from a 2.8- to 12-volt source (HV version) and offered in 3-by-3 mm DFN and 8-pin MSOP packages, is priced starting at $1.65 each.

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