CMOS op amps deliver low bias current, low noise

Milpitas, Calif. — Linear Technology Corp. has introduced the LTC6081 and the LTC6082 CMOS op amps with a 3.5-MHz gain bandwidth and less than 90 uV offset over the operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C.

Featuring rail-to-rail input and output stages, the dual LTC6081 and quad LTC6082 achieve low frequency noise of 1.3 uVp-p and low input bias current of 1 pA maximum at 25°C, making these amplifiers suitable for precision instrumentation.

The LTC6081 and LTC6082 only consume 330 uA per amplifier and offer an optional shutdown feature, allowing the current to be reduced to 0.5 uA per amplifier, which provides further savings in battery power, said Linear. In addition, the amplifiers offer a gain bandwidth of 3.5 MHz and a slew rate of 1 V/us. Other key specs include a CMRR of 105 dB and PSSR of 90dB, while the large signal voltage gain of 120 dB ensures gain linearity.

The dual LTC6081 is offered in 8-pin MSOP and 3 x 3-mm DFN packages, and the quad LTC6082 is available in the 16-pin SSOP and 5 x 3-mm DFN packages.

Pricing: Starts at $1.74 each for the LTC6081 and $2.97 each for the LTC6082 in quantities of 1,000.
Product information: LTC6081 and LTC6082

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