CMOS RF transceiver targets CDMA2000 mobile handsets

San Jose, Calif.—GCT Semiconductor Inc. has launched a highly integrated RF transceiver for CDMA2000 applications.

The GRF6401 single-chip CDMA transceiver includes a fully integrated receiver and transmitter for 800-MHz cellular band operation. According to GCT, the GRF6401 offers more than a 36% size reduction and nearly a 40% BOM count reduction compared with competitors' products.

It also includes programmable output power circuitry and a sigma-delta fractional-N frequency synthesizer with VCO and loop filters. GCT's GRF6401 is designed to interface with VIA Telecom's cdma2000 CBP baseband family of products.

The GRF6401 is housed in a 48-pin 7-mm x 7-mm QFN package. The transceiver includes three key components: a receiver, a transmitter and a PLL. The receiver offers all functional blocks from the RF front-end to the baseband interface, a down-conversion mixer for the 800 MHz band, baseband filters, as well as gain-controlled amplifiers and an analog I/Q output suited for zero-IF interface. The transmitter uses I/Q conversion architecture with an analog baseband I/Q interface, up-conversion mixers and preamplifiers. The on-chip PLL includes a VCO, a sigma-delta fractional-N frequency synthesizer, and built-in loop filters providing fast and stable lock behavior.

Samples and production quantities are available now.

GCT Semiconductor Inc., 1-408-434-6040,

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