Codec brings audio fidelity to PCs, supports VoIP

San Jose, Calif.—IDT (Integrated Device Technology Inc.) has introduced a low-power, high-definition PC audio codec designed to help bring home-entertainment-level audio fidelity to enterprise desktop and notebook systems, while supporting mobile user capabilities such as advanced processing for voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

The IDT 92HD71B features four stereo channels, and is compatible with the Intel high definition (HD) audio interface. The audio device provides stereo 24-bit resolution with sample rates up to 192 kHz. The dual digital SPDIF outputs enable simple integration with multi-channel consumer entertainment equipment, including audio integration with system HDMI video. The codec incorporates IDT proprietary technology to achieve digital to audio conversion signal-to-noise ratio fidelity in excess of 100dB. It also includes extensive optimizations to minimize unwanted audio artifacts, such as 'pops,' during system power up.

The IDT 92HD71B PC audio codec offers an easy-to-customize graphical user interface (GUI), an audio effects designer program enabling system designers to optimize their system characteristics, and numerous audio processing capabilities required for home entertainment, VoIP, or other audio computing applications.

The 92HD71B software supports full-duplex stereo audio and simultaneous VoIP telephony by supporting multiple, independent audio streams. Additionally, the optimized and flexible power management, including driver optimizations and specialized audio circuitry mitigates pop/click sound anomalies, offering a smoother audio experience.

The 92HD71B provides a mono output for laptop sub-woofer and support for 1.5V and 3.3 high definition audio signaling with run time selection to enable a wide range of system designs.

Pricing: $1.62 for 10,000 units.
Availability: Sampling in 48-pin QFP and 48-pad QFN RoHS packages.
For more on IDT's audio products, click here.

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