Codec enables hands-free operation in portable apps

Geneva — STMicroelectronics today unleashed a low power, asynchronous, stereo codec featuring integrated amplifiers for headphones and hands-free operation in mobile phones and handheld multimedia players.

The STw5095 audio codec is said to provide high audio quality analog stereo mixing, recording and playback capability, with three line inputs and two direct differential microphone inputs. Audio flows are digitized with 20-bit resolution between 8 and 96 kilohertz (kHz). The analog-to-digital (A/D) converter provides 93 dB dynamic range and 0.001 percent total harmonic distortion (THD), with full scale output at 2.7 volts. The output stereo digital-to-analog (D/A) converter operates independently over the same data rate, with a 95-dB dynamic range and 0.02 percent THD.

With its extended master clock range of between 4 MHz and 32 MHz, asynchronous digital input and output data rates, and compatibility with a range of audio data serial interfaces including I2S, SPI and PCM, the codec is designed to fit easily into most low voltage audio systems, according to the company. Voice control and recording is supported by an 8- and 16-kHz voice codec with embedded channel filters.

Embedded amplifiers can directly drive stereo headphones (2 x 40 milliwatts into 16 ohms, with a 40-dB gain range) using a phantom ground configuration to eliminate coupling capacitors, and also drive a separate 500-mW hands free/loudspeaker output. An independent stereo differential/single line out with gain control is provided.

The STw5095 can use the same 2.4-V to 2.7-V supply for all of its functions, or it can use different power supplies for its digital and analog circuits, and for the loudspeaker driver. Typical power consumption for playback is 23 mW, and 1 microwatt in standby mode. It is available now in a 5 x 5-mm, 1.2-mm high, thin, flat ball grid array (TFBGA)64 package with 0.5-mm ball pitch.

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Engineering samples and evaluation boards are available now. Pricing for the STw5095 is $3.20 in 1,000-piece quantities. Click here for the STw5095 data sheet.

STMicroelectronics , 1-888-787-3550,

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