Color-Controllable LED Driver – suitable for RGB-mixed light sources

Macroblock, a dedicated analog IC design house, released the MBI1009, a 3-channel RGB color-controllable LED driver, MBI1009. The product not only provides system designers with 3 constant-current output channels to drive R. G. B. LEDs, but also can implement different current codes to adjust the output current at any time. RGB LEDs can therefore vary up to 250 colors. The MB1009 can easily give system designers a wide range of color and brightness control in portable electronic devices, such as PDAs, MP3s, mobile phones or PC's front panel. With this product, system designers can randomly control color variations to meet application situations. For example, backlight colors can change with music melody, dashboards vary colorfully with mechanical vibration or players enjoy the lighting feedback of game devices. Macroblock, Hsinchu, Taiwan 300.

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