Colour TFT LCD driver targets 2.5G and 3G mobile phones

EPSON announces the S1D19105 , the latest addition to its line-up of colour TFT LCD driver ICs for 2.5G and 3G mobile phones. The one-chip solution supports the simultaneous display of 176 x RGB x 220 dots (QCIF+) and 262,144 colors.

The driver IC is equipped with an independent RGB interface for video, which enables it to be combined with, for example, an EPSON Mobile Graphics Engine to easily create the type of video-compliant display system required for mobile phones. It has two interface systems, an MPU interface and an RGB interface.

A bus that directly connects to the MPU enables the transfer of commands and still pictures, while the video-dedicated RGB interface and VSYNC synchronous circuit enable flicker-free video display.

Supporting a wide variety of TFT panels, the driver IC also offers a variety of interfaces and generous driving voltage. It supports line reversal, frame reversal and 3-line interlacing, and handles source voltage up to 5.5V and gate voltage up to 30V, thus enabling it to drive a variety of TFT panels.

Writing speed is 10 MHz at an interface voltage of 1.65V. The implemented partial display function combined with the 8 colour mode leads to a significant power reduction. This helps to increase battery lifetime without switch off the display completely.

Epson Europe GmbH , 80992 Munich, Germany

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