Combo dual-band IEEE-802.11a/b/g PA has low dissipation

San Jose, Calif.—RF IC maker Renesas Technology America, Inc . announces sampling of its HA31010 , a dual-band 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz SiGe (silicon-germanium) MMIC (monolithic microwave integrated circuit) PA (power amplifier).

This PA draws less current and uses minimal circuit board space, enabling smaller, lower-power dual-band/triple-mode IEEE-802.11a/b/g and MIMO (Multiple-Input/Multiple-Output) WLAN (wireless-LAN) terminals.

Two For One

By incorporating two power amplifiers on a single chip (one for the 2.4-GHz band and the other for the 5-GHz band), the HA31010 MMIC consumes only a 4 x 4-mm footprint, which is approximately 40% smaller than separate 2.4-GHz and 5-GHz Renesas SiGe MMICs.

The 3.3-V HA31010 device also delivers high gain at what Renesas claims is the industry's lowest dissipation level for a SiGe MMIC. The device provides 28-dB of power gain in the 2.4-GHz band while drawing only 130-mA.

It provides 24-dB power gain in the 5-GHz band while drawing 160-mA. Typical output power at 2.4-GHz is +19-dBm (80-mW). Output at 5-GHz is +18-dBm (64-mW).

An on-chip MOSFET -based switching circuit provides On/Off control of the two amplifier circuits, simplifying band switching and T/R (transmit/receive) implementation by eliminating the need for an external switching device.

Output Power Detector

The HA31010 MMIC also incorporates an output power detector circuit. This feature simplifies the design of WLAN terminals that actively implement low power. In those designs, the power detector serves as a sensor for the automatic output-power control function that maintains the minimum output power necessary for communication.

Inside the package, Renesas uses an ultra-fine SiGe-CMOS process. The IC's transistor pattern and circuit-block layout are also optimized to reduce parasitic capacitances and inductances that would otherwise degrade its characteristics.

Lead-Free Packaging

The chip is mounted in a small surface-mount, 24-pin package that is totally lead-free. The package employs silver paste material for optimal die bonding reliability and conductivity, and Sn-Bi (stannum-bismuth) for package electrode plating.

Sample price is $2.57. No datasheet has been posted on the company's Web site as of this date.

For more details contact Renesas Technology America, Inc., 450 Holger Way, San Jose, Calif. 95134. Phone: 408-382-7500. Fax: 408-382-7501.

Renesas Technology America , 408-382-7500,

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