Common cathode diode housed in TO-220 package

Santa Clara, Calif.—Qspeed Semiconductor has announced the full production release of its first common cathode product in an industry standard TO-220 package. The LQA20T300C consists of two 10-amp, 300-volt diodes in a common cathode configuration.

The LQA20T300C reduces loss caused by diode recovery characteristics. Additionally, users will benefit from a reduction in voltage overshoot due to the soft recovery behavior of this diode. Along with higher converter efficiency and reliability, the LQA20T300C enables lower component count and less PCB space resulting in lower bill-of-material costs. Power designers using the LQA20T300C are able to better meet new energy efficiency standards, while reducing the overall size, weight and cost of their end products.

Typically used in output rectifiers or low voltage inverters for telecommunication and networking applications, the LQA20T300C uses proprietary Qspeed technology to achieve a low reverse recovery charge (QRR), resulting in lower switching loss especially at high temperature and low peak voltage overshoot. In addition, the device's very soft reverse recovery characteristics provide well behaved switching waveforms and lower power supply EMI.

Pricing: $0.91 in 1,000 unit quantities.
Availability: The LQA20T300C diode is ROHS-compliant and is available now in production quantities.
Datasheet: Click here.

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