Compact current output of laser diode controller doubles to 30-A

VueMetrix has released a new laser diode controller that claims to achieve twice the current output (30 A) of the existing all-digital LV-15 devices, with no increase in size and no decrease in performance.

The Vue-LV-30 uses the same advanced digital signal processing technology as the breakthrough LV-15, in which a software algorithm rather than a traditional analog circuit regulates the current of the laser. Hardware components are replaced by lines of software code – immune to aging, temperature or environmental effects. A high efficiency switch mode current driver minimizes heat dissipation and achieves a small size.

The Vue-LV-30 includes an aiming beam driver. The compliance voltage ranges from 1.4 to 2.5 V. Thanks to its powerful microprocessor, LV-30 implements many standard controller functions entirely in software. The device features RS-232 and USB interface capability, external triggering and analog control, pulse mode, unattended stand-alone operation, sophisticated safety monitoring and fault detection.

The Vue-LV-30 is available as a PCB assembly for embedded applications or as part of the OEM Developer's kit. The Developer's Kit turns an OEM solution into a bench top controller that helps to accelerate product development.

The controller is typically used in material processing, medical systems and fiber lasers.

All VueMetrix controllers are available from AMS Technologies in Germany and Italy.

The Vue-LV-30 will be exhibited at Laser Optics Berlin LOB 2010, Berlin, Germany, March 22-24, 2010, at AMS Technologies booth 303.

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