Compact IC integrates four channels of Class D audio amplifier drivers with PWM modulators

A driver IC for high performance Class D Audio applications from 50 W to 150 W including home theater systems and car audio amplifiers has been introduced by International Rectifier.

Based upon a half bridge topology, the IRS2093 integrates four channels of high-voltage, high performance Class D audio amplifier drivers with PWM modulators in a single IC. Housed in a compact MLPQ48 package, the new IC shrinks board size by a further 50 percent compared to previous offerings.

“With the addition of an external MOSFET and passive components, a complete four channel Class D audio amplifier can be realized in a 50 percent smaller footprint, delivering the efficiency and size advantages of Class D while providing the high audio performance traditionally associated with Class AB solutions,” said Jun Honda, IR's systems engineering manager, Energy Saving Products Business Unit.

The IRS2093 offers error amplifier, PWM comparator, gate driver, and robust protection circuitry. In addition the new 200 V device features an analog PWM modulator with frequency up to 800 kHz, programmable bidirectional over-current protection (OCP) with self-reset control, under-voltage lockout protection (UVLO), and programmable preset deadtime for a scalable power design.

The IC may be co-designed with IR's extensive range of digital audio MOSFETs addressing output power from 50 W to 150 W. These MOSFETs have been optimized around parameters critical to audio performance such as efficiency, THD, and EMI.


Class D Audio IC

Part Number Package Channels Offset Voltage Sink/Source Current VCC Range (with UVLO) Output Voltage Min/Max Selectable Dead Time
IRS2093MPbF MLPQ48 4 200V~+/-100V 0.6/0.5A 10-15V 10-15V 45/65/85/105ns

MOSFET Specifications

Part Number Package Bvdss Rds(on) typ. @10 v Id@Tc = 25 degrees C Qg typ
IRF6645 DirectFET SJ 100 V 28 mOhms 25 A 14 nC
IRF6665 DirectFET SH 100 V 53 mOhms 19 A 8.7 nC
IRF6775M DirectFET MZ 150 V 47 mOhms 28 A 25 nC
IRF6785M DirectFET MZ 200 V 85 mOhms 19 A 26 nC
IRFI4024H-117P TO-220 Full-Pak 5P 55 V 48 mOhms 11 A 8.9 nC
IRFI4212H-117P TO-220 Full-Pak 5P 100 V 58mOhms 11 A 12 nC
IRFI4019H-117P TO-220 Full-Pak 5P 150 V 80 mOhms 8.7 A 13 nC
IRFI4020H-117P TO-220 Full-Pak 5P 200 V 80 mOhms 9.1 A 19 nC

Reference Design


Four-channel 120 W Half-bridge Class-D Audio Power Amplifier

  • 120 W x 4 channels, (THD=1 percent, 1 kHz, 4 Ohms)
  • 0.015 percent THD+N distortion @ 60 W, 4 Ohms
  • Residual noise 200 uV, IHF-A weighted, AES-17 filter
  • 90 percent Efficiency @ 120 W, 4 Ohms, Class-D Stage
  • OCP, OVP, UVP and OTP
  • Self-oscillating half-bridge topology with optional clock synchronization

  • Featuring IRS2093M Controller and Gate Driver IC and IRF6665 DirectFET MOSFETs.

Availability and Pricing

Pricing for the IRS2093 begins at US $10.80 in 10,000-unit quantities. The IRAUDAMP8 reference design is priced at US $294.00. Production orders are available immediately. The devices are RoHS compliant and industrial qualified.

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