Companies partner for space qualified modules

LONDON — C-MAC MicroTechnology (Great Yarmouth, England) and Linear Technology (Milpitas, Calif.) have joined forces for a deal that will allow manufacturers outside of the U.S. to purchase space grade and rad-hard monolithic and multichip modules from a European manufacturer without the bureaucratic restrictions they have to face.

The partnership forms part of C-MAC's strategy for growth within the space market following its accreditation to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K.

The packages and modules will combine Linear's huge portfolio of analog ICs and C-MAC's range of microelectronic packaging and test services.

C-MAC will assemble, test and qualify Linear's rad-hard die in a new range of package outlines at its plant in Great Yarmouth.

The devices will come with qualification to ESA's ECSS-Q-ST-60-5C hybrid procurement specification or to MIL-PRF-38534 Class K and will undergo radiation testing for total dose accumulation and single event effects.

“C-MAC has been supplying space grade products for more than 20 years and this partnership with Linear Technology allows us to expand our product range using some of the most highly respected rad-hard die on the market today,” said Paul Hill, C-MAC's General Manager, in a statement.

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