Configurable clock generators enable custom frequencies in 60 seconds

San Jose, Calif. — Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has added the CYP22801 configurable programmable clock generator to its InstaClock family of timing solutions. Users can generate any desired frequency in less than a minute for the CY22801 clock with the CyClocksRT software. The InstaClock chip supports frequencies used in virtually any consumer electronic and communications applications including Ethernet, PCI, USB, CPU, HDTV, and audio, said Cypress.

Cypress has also added more than 60 widely used clock configurations to those available for the original InstaClock chip, the CY22800, which can be programmed instantly with any configuration within the list of defined frequencies. The CY22800 also features programmable spread spectrum from ±0.25% to &plus.n;2.0% and a Lexmark Profile for maximum EMI reduction, and VCXO capabilities with a pull-range of ±150 ppm to provide flexible crystal selection. Both InstaClock devices have a single integrated phase-locked loop and deliver low jitter and high accuracy outputs.

Designers can use the CY36800 InstaClock Programmable Clock Generator kit to program InstaClock samples. The kit contains three samples each of the CY22800 and CY22801 general-purpose devices, a programmer board with a USB connector and USB cable. Once the desired clock configuration is determined with the kit, Cypress distribution partners have the programming capability to support the production requirements.

Pricing: The CY36800 InstaClock programmable clock generator kit is now available for $19.95 from authorized Cypress distributors and at the Cypress Online Store.
Availability: The CY22800 and CY22801 general-purpose InstaClock devices are available in an 8-pin SOIC package and are currently in production.
Product information: InstaClock

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