Configurable cPSB Blade – for telecom applications

Artesyn Communication Products announced the Katana™752i , a configurable cPSB (CompactPCI Packet Switching Backplane) blade for telecom applications. Equipped with a 1-GHz PowerPC 750GX processor and Marvell Discovery III system controller, the Katana752i features two PTMC sites, four Gigabit Ethernet channels, and a versatile CTBus/H.110 interconnect that enables the Katana752i to acquire and process both TDM and packet data.

This combination of raw processing power, I/O throughput and expansion flexibility makes Katana ideal for telecom infrastructure applications that bridge the PSTN with emerging packet networks, including WAN access, SS7/SIGTRAN signalling, media gateways, traffic processing, real-time control, and softswitches. The Katana752i features a 1-GHz PPC 750GX processor, which is equipped with 32 kbytes of L1 instruction cache, 32 kbytes of L1 data cache, and one Mbyte of 4-way, set-associative, no-wait-state L2 cache. It also features a Marvell Discovery III system controller, which provides high-speed access to as much as two Gbytes of SDRAM and 128 Mbytes of flash memory.

The Discovery III controller provides four Gigabit Ethernet channels. Two of these are routed to the cPSB backplane to support packet data transfers between cPSB boards. The other two are routed to the front panel for debug. Katana's cPSB interface complies fully with PICMG 2.16, an Ethernet-based standard for moving data between cPSB boards. The company also supports the PICMG 2.9 System Management Bus, which provides an I2C-based Intelligent Platform Management Interface (IPMI) that makes it easy to monitor, control and exchange management information between the Katana752i and shelf management controllers.

Katana's PTMC sites support 32-bit PCI data transfers at 33 MHz or 66 MHz. They also feature dedicated CTBus and RMII interfaces, which facilitate collaborative processing and provide direct access to external TDM and packet data sources. Each site's local CTBus is linked through an H.110 bridge and time slot interchanger, which enables the two sites to exchange TDM (time division multiplexed data) data with each other and the H.110 backplane bus directly.

The two sites are also equipped with an Ethernet RMII interface, which enables them to send and receive packet data directly via Katana's external Ethernet ports. This close coupling between the PTMC sites and versatile data acquisition capability makes Katana ideal for building integrated systems that combine network access (LAN or WAN) with packet, protocol, and media processing (i.e., DSP farm) on the same blade.

Artesyn Communication Products , Madison, WI 53717, USA.

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