Configurable touch-sensing controller offers low-power benefits

Cypress Semiconductor Corp. has introduced a new line of CapSense capacitive touch-sensing devices with low-power 1.8 V operation to extend battery life in handheld mobile consumer applications.

The CY8C20xx6A devices replace mechanical buttons and sliders, offering functional interface options for designers. The new family also offers a quick response time with the most precise scanning of any CapSense devices. With superior immunity to conducted and radiated noise, as well as robust waterproofing, the new devices also enable reliable touch-sensing operation in applications such as white goods, home appliances, printers, computers and TVs/monitors.

Additionally, the CY8C20xx6A family offers the new patent-pending SmartSense solution, which automatically calibrates capacitive-sensing parameters during the design process, cutting days of development time.

The CY8C20xx6A devices have up to 36 general-purpose I/Os (GPIOs) to implement multiple CapSense interfaces. Using the PSoC programmable system-on-chip architecture, a single new CapSense device can also manage functions such as motor control, intelligent sensing, LED control and more – a capability called CapSense Plus. Additionally, the new devices include a full-speed USB interface. The easy-to-use CapSense devices are designed allow customers to bring products to market quickly. The CY8C20xx6A device line is available in multiple configurations and packages, including a small form factor 3 x 3 x 0.6 mm 16-pin QFN.

The new CY8C20xx6A CapSense devices are supported by the CY3280-20X66 CapSense Development Kit, which includes a development board with ports for the following Plug-in Modules:

  • CY3280-SLM — Linear Slider Module
  • CY3280-SRM — Radial Slider Module
  • CY3280-TPM — Trackpad Module
  • CY3280-BSM — Simple Button Module
  • CY3280-BMM — Matrixed Button Module

  • CY3280-BBM — Breadboard Module.

Each package option of the new low-power devices is also supported by a CY3250-20xx6 ICE Pod Kit that includes emulator pods and feet, enabling a designer to perform system-level debugging.


The CY8C20xx6A CapSense devices are currently in production. The devices are available in multiple configurations, and come in 16-, 24- 32- and 48-pin QFN packages and a 48-pin SSOP package. The CY3280-20X66 CapSense Development Kit, the CY3280-XXX Plug-in Modules, and the CY3250-20xx6 ICE Pod Kits are all currently available from the Cypress eShop at

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