Contact-less switch operates in 1.65- to 3-V range for portables

Dallas, Tex.—Handset component supplier Diodes Inc. has launched the AH1884, a contact-less switch for small portable applications.

According to Diodes, the AH1884 offers low power, high sensitivity and greater performance than comparable products. The AH1884 is designed for use in cell phones, laptops and other portable applications, particularly clamshell mobile handsets to its ultra-low voltage level. The AH1884 operates in the 1.65V to 3V range and its dual output eliminates the need for external components, which reduces board size and overall manufacturing costs.

Complementing the AH1884, Diodes also launched the AH1801 and AH1802. These second-generation sensors are derived from the AH180. Like the AH1884, the AH1801 and AH1802 Hall-effect sensor switches can respond effortlessly to the presence of a magnetic field of either pole, thus eliminating the need to orient polarity during manufacturing.

Both the AH1801 and AH1802 offer additional features specific to the mobile phone market. The AH1801 provides an inverted output for reverse magnetic contact. High magnetic sensitivity turns the output on in the AH1802 within a very tight tolerance band. Operating from 2.5V to 5.5V, the AH1801 and AH1802 consist of two Hall-effect plates, small-signal amplifier, chopper stabilization, a latch, and a MOSFET output. They are well suited for battery-powered systems, mobile communication devices and other small consumer electronic devices.

Datasheets: AH1884, AH1801, and AH1802.

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